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Body Mass Index

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Your BMI is:

The Body Mass Index indicates your health risks by comparing your height and weight. Males with a BMI above 27.8 and women over 27.3 are considered overweight. Males with a BMI less than 20.7 and women below 19.1 are classified as underweight.

There are limitations to BMI so it's important to realize that it is only an estimation of body fat. People who have valid reasons for maintaining weight outside of normal ranges (pregnant or breast feeding women, competitive athletes, body builders and people who are chronically ill) may experience inaccurate BMI values. People with a high percentage of muscle mass may appear overweight using BMI because muscle weighs more than fat
Resting Metabolic Rate

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Your RMR is:

Your Resting Metabolic Rate (RMR) is the minimum number of calories your body needs to support its basic physiological functions, including breathing, circulating blood and all of the numerous biochemical reactions required to keep you alive. Your RMR is generally 60-75% of your total daily caloric expenditure.

Knowing the minimum number of calories your body needs is important if you're trying to lose, gain or maintain your current weight.

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