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One-on-one workouts are what Sol Gym Personal Training Fitness Center is about.
We are a casual, clean, intimate setting where you will not be waiting in lines for equipment. At Sol Gym, you will always be working with a Certified Trainer who is committed to excellence and your goals of Total Personal Fitness.

Sol Gym is not like any other gym you have been to. We limit our gym usage to only three (3) personal trainers working with clients per hour. Even our classes are unusually personal. We keep our class sizes limited to 8 people.

Our main objectives are to increase flexibility, muscle tone, strength, and cardio-vascular fitness. Weight loss or gain is a pleasant side effect from meeting your goals. Sol Gym can quantify and assess these Fitness Parameters in order to accurately track your individual progress for you.

It is our mission to give you the maximum amount of Health Benefits in the time you have for your workout. Sol Gym believes it is critical to maintain a personalized gym setting for Your Personal Training.

Call now to schedule the beginning of the new improved you.

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